Baby Prince

My beautiful nephew arrived with a bang. He couldn’t even wait for my sister to be taken into the labor and delivery room. I suppose he had to come into this world in his own fashion and make a statement. He’s surrounded by girls. He has four older sisters and two female cousins (my daughters), so I suppose he has to start making his mark right away.

Before he came, I got to take photos of my gorgeous sister and niece while he was still snug in the womb. I would like to say that capturing my sister and niece is always easy, and in a way I suppose it is. They are incredibly photogenic and it isn’t hard to highlight their dark hair and skin as it contrasts with the light sky. On the other hand, I’m always left wondering if I’ve captured the essence of who they truly are in the photos.

These maternity photos were shot in midsummer and the light, perfect when we arrived for the shoot, faded quickly. My sister’s love for her children, however, cast light in the photos that none of the sun’s rays could ever hope to illuminate.

Please see my pricing page for maternity photo session details.

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