Fall Fairy Tale

If I were to re-do my wedding, I’d have it in the fall. I’m so in love with this season. I know spring is the earth renewing itself and summer is all about being free in the great outdoors, but there is something so magical about autumn. It’s the colors. It’s the sound and smell of the fallen leaves. It’s the cool air and the need to wear sweaters but feeling refreshed when the crisp breeze sweeps past.

Danielle and Barry had the most beautiful autumn wedding, filled with pumpkins and leaves and eye-popping colors. What made their scenery even more impressive is that they made all of the decor themselves and decorated the wedding hall on their own. And it was stunning! Their theme was Cinderella, but not traditionally so. Danielle’s royal purple dress set the stage for the fairy tale, highlighting her beauty. The gray tuxes and bridesmaids dresses contrasted against the bride’s dress, reminiscent of the gray autumn skies. I love the pumpkins that were reminders of Cinderella’s carriage, ready to take the bride and groom on their own fairy tale. Needless to say, their wedding–and the bride and groom themselves–were incredibly photogenic and it was an absolute pleasure photographing it!

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