Track Two: Eclipse

Thoughts from my writing blog. 🙂

The Calligrapher's Ink

The Forsaken Project

49492182_789711931365670_6000472880524034048_nThe city had stolen into a captive slumber under a blanket of black clouds. Prince Rian stood like a steeple on the tallest skyscraper, observing the skyline that cut into the night like jagged teeth in a monster’s mouth, silhouetted by the light of the vermillion moon. As it swung like a pendulum into midnight position, Rian relented to the lesser light and went to his knees, curling his fingertips around the ledge of cold concrete and furling his wings against his ribs. 

Behind him, starlight threaded its way through the fog like fingers being run through hair, getting caught by a ringlet of mist, reminding Rian that the stars were once suns who had reigned the skies of faraway galaxies. Like the illuminants above, he too was a beacon; but it was for this city, and not to forgotten space. He was the sentinel it…

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